Social Media Manager at Coinscreed

Social Media Manager

About Coinscreed

At Coinscreed, they are focused on providing insightful analysis, market trends, and educational content in the ever-evolving crypto space. They are very passionate about empowering individuals to understand and navigate the world of blockchain and digital assets.
They are seeking an exceptional Social Media Manager to join their team in order to handle their social media accounts.




About the role

The social media manager here will be responsible for crafting and executing a digital strategy to promote the brand, engage with the community, and drive growth. The manager will also create and curate compelling content, manage campaigns, and analyze data to refine marketing efforts.




The ideal candidate

The ideal candidate should be tech savvy with working knowledge of how to engage and grow an audience via social media. This person is to work and communicate remotely- However, being in Abuja or Lagos, Nigeria is a plus.




Your Key Responsibilities

  • Management responsibility: You will manage and expand their social media presence across platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok by crafting engaging and informative crypto content.
  • Collaboration responsibility: You will collaborate regularly with graphic designers to develop visually captivating graphics, videos, memes, and updates related to cryptocurrency. You will also work closely with the YouTube Content Creator to synchronize social media and YouTube content strategies.
  • Content responsibility: You will edit videos and create multimedia content to enhance our social media channels’ engagement and appeal.
  • Community responsibility: You will execute social media strategies to boost follower count, interaction, and community engagement.
  • Industry responsibility: You will stay updated with crypto trends and news to ensure timely and relevant content creation.
  • Company responsibility: You will represent the company at events and conduct street and live interviews for content generation purposes.




To be considered for this role…

Experience & Education:

  • Understanding and passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Demonstrated experience managing social media platforms and crafting compelling content.
  • Proficiency in video editing software and graphic design tools.
  • Ability to run social media campaigns and analyze performance metrics effectively.
  • Excellent communication skills and a flair for creativity.
  • Self-motivated with the capability to work independently and remotely.
  • Experience with event representation and community engagement is a plus.




Your Importance as a Manager

You will be involved in shaping their brand’s online presence and community engagement. Your management will not only educate and inform their audience but also drive awareness and interest in their products and services.





Unique challenges you will face in this role..

One challenge will be staying ahead of the rapidly evolving crypto landscape to ensure content relevance. Additionally, you may experience challenges balancing informative content with engaging formats to maintain audience interest and navigating the algorithms of different social media platforms to optimize content reach and engagement.




The goodies…

  • Remote work flexibility, allowing for a comfortable work-life balance.
  • Opportunity to make a significant impact on the growth and development of a budding cryptocurrency startup.
  • Chance to collaborate with a dynamic team passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Competitive salary




How to Apply

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