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Remote Performance Marketing Expert






We are Studiotools

We produce the infrastructure for “New Work”. Our claim is not simply “office furniture”, but we want to shape the future of work. Our first collection has already won numerous international awards and we are proud that many of the most innovative companies from all over Europe are among our customers.

What sets us apart from all our competitors in the workspace furniture sector (apart from our product design) is our vertically integrated business model. By cutting out the middleman completely, we have a significantly higher gross margin. This now allows us to invest heavily in expanding our product range and gradually expanding into other markets. We need support for this, which is why we have created this new position.

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You will manage our entire performance marketing. You will encounter the following initial situation: Some campaigns that have been running on the side for “ages” (Facebook, Insta, Pinterest, Google, Linkedin); analytics that are, let’s say, “in their infancy” and we can’t explain most conversions.

As you can see, there is enormous potential. Your task will be to exploit this and drive our growth. It won’t be about “brushing up” nice presentations, but about generating a measurable impact on our business.

How exactly you do this, which priorities you set, how you use the budget and which tools you want to use will be largely up to you. It is important to us that you work in a data-driven way and that this has a measurable impact on our business. ROAS (even with long sales cycles across all campaigns/activities) and the associated tracking/attribution (at lead and customer level) are particularly important.


We only sell b2b, our order values are in the 4 to 6-digit range and accordingly the sales cycles last several weeks and usually involve several decision-makers on the customer side.

It is therefore much more complex (but also more exciting) than b2c, especially in the areas of tracking, attribution and funnel building.The following qualifications are therefore important to us:

  • Solid track record in performance marketing, ideally in b2b (or LeadGen / funnel building).
  • Advanced knowledge of Google Analytics 4 (at least at Google/Skillshop certification level).
  • Experience with attribution for long sales cycles
  • Successful campaigns with Google Ads, Meta and possibly other platforms (X, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) implemented (min. ad-spend >100k/year)
  • Independent way of working and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Good communication skills and English (German is a plus)


We will grow significantly over the next 2 years and realistically your role will change during this time (and beyond).

You will continuously take on more responsibility and your tasks will evolve.

What is certain is that you will not be an anonymous “number” with us. We are a small, ambitious and interdisciplinary team in which you will play an active role in the development of our company. We have a very open corporate culture with flat hierarchies, but this also means that we expect you to take responsibility for your tasks and be able to work with a high degree of autonomy.






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