Orphanage Manager

Orphanage Manager


Job Description – Manager

The mission of “The Organization” (a non-profit) is to provide orphans and vulnerable children – and their caregivers – with a source of hope through the provision of services that will aid their development and growth, and enable them to attain their potential. Also, to provide welfare services to vulnerable persons in the society thus rescuing them from a deleterious future.

The Manager will be responsible for the smooth running of the organization. The individual will work within the organization’s policies, guidelines, and practices.

The individual will be highly organised, with great attention to detail, and have discretion especially concerning sensitive and confidential information about children.



Skills and Knowledge

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, administrative, people management and computer skills.
  • Excellent organisation, time management, problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Compassion, stability, flexibility, passion and patience
  • Knowledge of general accounting processes and budget managing
  • Facility Management
  • Maintaining office policies and managing health and safety procedures.
  • Keeping records and writing reports
  • Meeting and event planning.


  • Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • 5 years’ relevant experience
  • Knowledge of working with children



The Manager of the organisation will be in-charge of the running of the home. She will coordinate the administrative and operational activities of the home, supervise LSCDF staff and most importantly, oversee the welfare of the children. The Manager will also liaise externally with stakeholders, the concerned departments, and other individuals on matters related to the home. The Manager must be accessible, and flexible and ensure compliance to the organization’s policies and guidelines by all.



1.  Admittance of children

  • The Manager will supervise receiving children into the home.
  • If in case the Manager and Social Worker are not comfortable with receiving a child, the matter would need to be immediately brought to the notice of the Management.
  • After receiving the child into the home, the Manager will ensure that the child undergoes all admittance processes.

2.  Meetings & Events Planning

  • The Manager will organize monthly meetings with the Management for the purpose of monitoring the progress made by each child, review Individual Care Plans, and all matters and issues related to the functioning of the home, and the provision of services to children.
  • Organize and coordinate in–house events and meetings.

3.  Supervision of staff

  • Understand each staff’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Supervise all the staff/volunteers working in the home and provide instructions/directions approved by the Management for smooth and effective functioning of the home.
  • Ensure that all the staff are discharging their duties in accordance with the rules and regulations of LSCDF.
  • Ensure prompt, firm and considerate handling of all disciplinary matters.
  • Delegate responsibilities to staff for different aspects of running the home, and provide care to children.
  • Mentor and support staff in the discharge of their duties.
  • Escalate matters to the management for support and direction.
  • Be available to staff when required.
  • Use technology, to stay in regular contact, provide/receive useful information and directions on a real time basis and track movement.
  • Convene weekly staff meetings to discuss routine matters and resolve problems raised by the staff.
  • Ensure that performance review is undertaken for all staff in the home.
  • Sanction and approve staff leave and expenses.

4. Capacity Building of staff

  • The Manager will be responsible to ensure capacity building of staff in the following areas:

– Skill Development: Right approaches and skills to help working with children, counselling and psychological therapy, recreation activities, communication and negotiation with children, positive reinforcement and conditioning to inculcate good behaviour.

– Personal Development: Addressing burn out, stress management, team building and conflict resolution.

5. Finance and Administration

  • Approve expenses of the LSCDF staff.
  • Liaise with management for matters related to financing the home.
  • Be the custodian and ensure the safety of important confidential documents, personal files of children, valuable articles of children, etc.
  • Generate regular monthly reports.
  • Reconcile expenses and float with Management at the end of the month.
  • Ensure all records of visitors are kept and visitors experience best-in-class service.
  • Ensure thankyou calls/messages are sent out within 48 hours of donation.
  • Ensure proper filing of reports, documents, invoices, letters, forms, etc.
  • Ensure donations are properly recorded and acknowledged.

6. Nurturing environment for children in the LSCDF

  • Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the home through proper supervision and inspection—safe and adequate supply of water for drinking, bathing, washing and other purposes, storage areas are clean and free from rodents, inspection of food stock, removal of expired food supplies from the store, ensure adequate supply of all materials – food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning materials etc. Proper sanitary and hygienic conditions in the home and office, working conditions of all electrical equipment, among others.
  • Ensure that the home is a nurturing and safe environment and children receive robust care.
  • Ensure children interact well with all caregivers and also with one another as a family.
  • Ensure meals are nutritious and balanced.
  • Ensure the rights and entitlements of children are exercised.
  • Ensure that staff are respectful, caring and nurturing in their attitude towards the children.
  • Supervise and monitor discipline in the home and ensure that staff and children are nurtured using positive methods of eliciting good behaviour.
  • Monitor hospital visits, court visits and any other visits.
  • Ensure that national holidays and birthdays are celebrated through organization of special events in which all children get to participate.

7. Education

  • Ensure that the educator is punctual, works according to individual plan and delivers quality service.
  • Regularly monitor educational progress of children.
  • Liaise frequently with educator.
  • Bridge educational gaps to enable children to get to a level where they can be admitted into the formal school (if applicable).
  • Ensure support and reinforcement is given by caregivers outside the home-schooling hours.

8. Health of the children/staff

The Manager must oversee the nurse in carrying out the following responsibilities:

  • Arrangements to private or government hospital for treatment of children if need arises.
  • Weekly health check- ups & height and weight checks.
  • Up to date immunizations.
  • Hospitalization if necessary.
  • Ensure adequate stock of medicine/medical consumables.
  • Ensure prescriptions and medication are administered within the home accordingly.
  • Enforce handwashing policy.
  • Ensure staff and volunteers are medically fit to care for the children.

10. Daily routine

  • The Manager must ensure that the daily routine is prominently displayed in key areas and followed by the caregivers in:

o          Meals

o          Education (including art, craft, circle time, reading, music)

o          Physical exercise/ outdoor play

o          Toilet/Bath/laundry/personal care

o          Rest

o          Recreation (story time, movies, music)

o          Free time

o          Free play

o          Devotion

o          Special programmes for Sundays, holidays and national holidays, etc.

  • Ensure that the children are kept occupied with activities and that they are not neglected or restricted to a particular place throughout the day.
  • Be responsible for incorporating inputs of staff in developing a roster for staff and daily schedule for children.

11. Facility Inspection

  • The Manager will inspect the facility once daily at the minimum. A record of the timings of the inspection and observations must be kept in a separate book maintained for the purpose, especially with regard to:

o          maintenance of hygiene and sanitation

o          maintenance of order

o          quality and quantity of food

o          hygienic maintenance of food articles and other supplies in the kitchen

o          provisions for medical care

o          security arrangements

o          maintenance of files, registers, and books

o          maintenance or reception area

  • Anything irregular that is noticed will be enquired into and resolved and the date, time and nature of the action taken will be noted in the book.
  • Where a problem of an urgent nature has not been resolved within two working days, the management must be informed. In addition to this, the Manager will pay surprise visits at least twice in a month during the weekends.
  • The Manager will interact with children, observe and obtain feedback about how they are feeling, listen to their complaints if any, check for hygiene, sleeping arrangement, and segregation of children, and ensure the caregivers are present and diligent.

12. Emergency Preparedness

  • The Manager will ensure that staff are prepared, and trained, and each one can function in time of emergency. She will take prompt action to ensure the preparedness of the home and the staff to deal with emergencies.
  • In case of an emergency such as a fire, the Manager will take suitable steps for evacuation and safety of the children.
  • Prepare the staff and guards to follow the stipulated steps; a practice drill will be quarterly held, without previous notice by the Manager.
  • Ensure a risk mitigation plan is put in place so that children are safe in situations of emergency.
  • Ensure all staff have knowledge of emergency signs, actions and the need for access routes to always be kept clear of obstructions at all times.
  • Ensure linkages with emergency services including hospitals, police, ambulance, and fire brigade services.

13. Safety and Security

  • Be responsible for the safety and security of the home.
  • Ensure that the security guards are punctual, efficient, and professional.
  • Monitor and record any child and staff movement out of the home.
  • Be sensitive to matters concerning children in conflict with the law and not disclose any information or identity of children or give out any confidential information.
  • No staff must reveal disclose or share the details or photos of a child who stays in LSCDF on any media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Ensure all visitors, donors, and volunteers respect the “NO PHOTO AND VIDEO” policy.
  • Ensure all security gates and doors are shut always.
  • Ensure proper usage of all LSCDF properties e.g.: vehicle, generator.
  • Delete sensitive/processed information from the phone regularly.
  • Protect the image of LSCDF at all times.


How to Apply

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