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Assistant Accountant




About Qatar Charity Organization

Qatar Charity Organization is a Doha-based non-governmental organization founded in 1992 in accordance with the laws and regulations governing charitable work in the State of Qatar. The Qatari society expressed a deep willingness to contribute to the international solidarity chain and to participate in addressing the most important development and humanitarian challenges faced by vulnerable communities around the world. This willingness was derived from the Qatari society’s values, principles and cultural heritage and Qatar Charity came as the institutional solution that would cater to Initially founded to provide ite-saving assistance to children affected by conflicts or natural disasters, Qatar Charity then expanded its areas of expertise lo include various humanitarian and development aid fields providing relief and assistance to more than 110 million beneficiaries worldwide. With funding from Qatar, Qatar Charity is collaborating with the government of Nigeria (GON) to support vulnerable communities in achieving progress and prosperity by providing adequate support for vulnerable communities through robust social welfare systems and related services in various states within Nigeria. Qatar Charity Nigeria Country Office has over 3,500 projects in different intervention areas namely; education and culture, health, water, economic empowerment, social housing, social care, food Security and Emergency Relief projects.

Job Purpose Summary

  • The Assistant Accountant is responsible for assisting the field office accountant, in managing the books and accounting records of the office and preparing data, financial reports, and final accounts in accordance with the accounting standards approved by the organization and the host country, and the initial review of operations documents that have a financial impact or are related to the approved balances in the approved budget.




Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Assist in preparing the estimated budget.
  • Issuing bills of exchange and verifying the attachments and documents attached to the bills of exchange.
  • Checking the consistency and conformity of the amounts of the documents with the dates and amounts entered in the books.
  • Achieving the regularity of supporting documents of financial transactions and operations and fulfilling all signatures and procedures in accordance with the laws and regulations governing this.
  • Settle petty cash advances granted to administrative units or employees and ensure that they are paid according to the purpose for which they were spent.
  • Submitting and reviewing monthly salary requests and PAYE and other deductions, Overtime, allowances, and bonuses.
  • Implementing insurance procedures on the assets and property of the Organization against various risks of burn, theft, or accidents, and verifying the adequacy of insurance procedures
  • Participate in the monthly bank reconciliations and send the bank account statement indicating the number of exchange requests on the system.
  • Preparing the cash balances report for the office periodically and submitting it to the office accountant.
  • Preparing financial data, reports, and final accounts.

Other tasks:

  • Managing bank statements and preparing reconciliations monthly
  • Follow up on accounts payable and receivable
  • Participate in asset and property inventory committees.
  • Carry out all other accounting works assigned to him by his line manager, and which fall within the scope of his job




Job Requirements and Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, or Finance


  • Minimum of two years of experience in an Accounting Job


  • Sufficient familiarity with accounting treatments for the items of the financial statements
  • Sufficient experience in preparing the annual budget and detailed budgets for programs and activities.
  • Languages (Arabic, English)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Skills in using Microsoft Office applications


  • How to prepare annual and detailed budgets for programs and activities.
  • Experience in accounting software (QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics ERP)


  • Take responsibility and complete tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • The ability to provide detailed data for receipts, expenses, and obligations upon request.





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